The Most Common Roof Problems

Having the roof inspected occasionally is critical to its condition and thus your safety and peace of mind. Having a roofer quickly over to do all the required repairs is also very important. After all, roofs are exposed to all elements and are rated to last for a specific period of time. Some problems here and there are bound to happen. The important thing is to do any roof repair needed without delays to avoid worse problems. But since there are plenty of things that can go wrong and for all sorts of reasons, let’s take one thing at a time. Let’s start by taking a look at the most common roof problems.


Water ponds

Ponds of water are formed when some shingles have fallen apart or moss has created and thus water is not able to drain through the gutters. Eventually, they might cause moisture and leakage.


If the roof leaks, it’s a clear sign of a problem. They happen for all sorts of reasons and mainly when the flashing is not installed right, there are no moisture barriers, part of the roof is broken, or there are no good seams. They happen around skylights and due to clogged gutters and whenever there is enough damage to allow water penetration.


Even if there is no roof leak, roofing damage might lead to increased moisture in the under layers. This is often noticed in the attic and calls for immediate repair since moisture can completely ruin the frame of the roof. Moisture builds up when there is poor ventilation too. This won’t only increase your energy bills but take its toll on the insulation, shingles, and sheathing.

Shingle damage

There is need for a roof repair service when some shingles are cracked, missing, broken, or have fallen apart. And such damage can happen due to human intervention, broken tree branches, bad weather etc.

Reasons for roof problems

Bad roof installation

Improper installation increases the likelihood of roof problems.roof_replacement_houston Naturally, over the years there will be ice dams, heavy rains, snow, and high winds. When the roofing company does a good job, the shingles won’t be affected by anything. They will wear but won’t cause significant problems that will call for emergency roofing services.

Poor maintenance

Since roof problems happen due to shingle damage, elements, and gutter damage, you need to have everything checked periodically. If a roofing contractor won’t inspect and fix potential problems from time to time, you might find yourself facing some bad surprises. A sagging and filthy gutter alone is enough to cause serious troubles. And so a maintenance should include anything from flashing inspection to gutter repair.

Weather & elements

The weather and the elements are often the worse enemies of roofs. A strong wind, a hurricane, or even a heavy rainfall might cause trouble. It all comes down to how well the flashings and whole roof have been installed and maintained. But still, during bad weather conditions, tree limbs or other flying objects can cause significant roof damage.

Human factor

The weight of the roofers and the way they walk on the roof will also play a role in the condition of the shingles. One wrong step and a shingle might crack. The truth is that pros know how to move on roofs and this problem happens when homeowners climb to their own roof forgetting the possibility of damage due to their weight. On top of that, damage can be inflicted by birds, critters, and insects too.

Ice dams

The ice dams formed during the snowing days can lift the flashing, find their way under the shingled, or strain & block the gutters. Such problems will most likely cause leaks.

The most likely problematic roofing areas

The most common problem areas on the roof are the shingles, flashings and gutters. If some shingles are broken or missing, the area will be prone to further damage and rotting. If the shingles are curled, water will find its way indoors. Flashing is used to seal so that there will be no leaks. Any damage or improper installation will create significant problems. The gutters must be free of dirt, debris or objects and remain in place in order to channel water down the spout. Excess weight and objects blocking their way will create problems. And so it’s clear that you need to have all these areas checked and do any repair needed, including gutter cleaning or having broken shingles replaced.