How Much Do You Know about Metal Roofs?

It wasn’t until recently that metal roofs were embraced by homeowners. Metal is stuck in our heads as a material reserved for commercial applications only. But this used to be the norm. Things have changed dramatically over the last decades, and for the better. First of all, when we talk about metal roofs, we are not talking solely about the old tin roofs. Today, there are aluminum, steel, zinc, copper roofs. They come out as sheets of metal and in the form of shingles.

Why are metal roofs are now seriously considered by homeowners? It’s not only due to the great advancements in the industry. It’s also about the various misconceptions we all had about this material. Should we clear the air? Okay, let’s do this.

Roofing_services_imageDid you know that…

Metal roofs vary a great deal?

The metal roofing designs, colors, styles, and materials are found in abundance. Yes, you read correctly. There are variations among materials, too. Not all metal materials are the same. For instance, copper roofs are some of the best on the market. If you like the appearance of copper, you will also appreciate its great resistance and long lifespan.

Metal roofs can be installed over the existing shingles?

If you are considering re-roofing, metal is a great option. Metal roofs can be installed on top of the existing roof, but you need to be sure the job is done by roofers with experience in such jobs and materials. The consideration here is leaving a gap between the two roofs and thus, run the risk of moisture – eventually, mold, build up too.

Metal roofs are extremely resistant…?

Metal roofs are very resistant, especially to fire. No wonder they are the preferred choice for buildings close to forests and areas, where wildfire is possible. On top of that, metal is very resistant and won’t rot or rust. Naturally, you will never worry about termites either.

…but can be seriously damaged by hail?

On the other hand, metal roofs can be severely damaged by hail. Well, it depends on the size of hail. It also depends on how often this phenomenon happens. Copper and aluminum roofs can be dented by large hail. Yes, we know what you are thinking. Really big hailstones will actually cause significant damage to all roofing materials. And yes, you are right. In fact, most metal roofs – steel, for example, are stronger than asphalt shingles. And so, they may all be damaged by hailstones. But since we are talking about metal roofs and how durable & resistant they are, it’s important to talk about the possibility of dents too.

Metal roofs are as noisy as asphalt shingles?

There’s also the misconception that metal roofs are particularly noisy, compared to other materials. Yes, no doubt. Who doesn’t know the sound of rain on metal roofs? It’s very particular – to some, very annoying too. But the noise levels also depend on the roof’s substrate, the attic insulation, the roof’s slope. Metal roofs become noisy when it rains, but the sound is similar on asphalt shingles too.

Metal roofs are great choices for low slope roofs?

Metal roofs are great for nearly all pitches, including very small slopes. If, for some reason, you need a quite flat roof – just gently raised to let the rainwater shed, metal is an excellent choice.

Metal roofs last for a very long time?

The least most metal roofs last is 40 years, while some last for over 70 years. Naturally, metal roofs – at least most of them, like steel and copper, outlast their counterparts, like asphalts. Metal is a very durable material and if you add to that its resistance to all elements, fire included, you can understand why it outperforms most of the rest roofing materials.