How to Choose a Roof for Your Home

There is a number of factors to consider before you choose a new roof for your home. The decision is never easy. This is your roof we are talking about. It must be aesthetically pleasing but also strong – that’s to narrow down the considerations when it comes to such critical decisions. The good news is that there are plenty of roofing options out there and so you have many choices. What’s tough is matching the criteria to get a roof that will withstand the test of time, fit your budget expectations, and increase the curb appeal. And although the consultation of a professional roofing company always comes handy in such situations, the following details will help you get started.


Roof pitch

Most homes do not have flat roofs, but then again the pitch is not the same either. Now, why is this important to your decision? Because not all materials are appropriate for all roofs. Your choice depends on the slope of the roof and the weight of the material. Most popular materials for pitched roofs include metal, asphalt, wood shingles, clay tiles and slate. So before you make up your mind about the roof material, check details about the material and the roof’s pitch.

Local weather conditions

Both the roof material and the installation will determine the resistance to the elements. It’s important that you find roofers with experience in installing all types of materials, flashing, gutters etc. But when you are trying to choose a roof, you need to pay attention to the climate and overall weather conditions but also the location of the home. For example: is it located in an area prone to hurricanes or wildfires? In such cases, you need a roof that will be highly resistant to storms, winds, impact, or fire.

Roofing cost

When it comes to choosing a new roof, the cost is one of the main considerations. Even the most inexpensive ones are not cheap. Here’s where you must pay great attention. Although you need to find a roof within the family budget, don’t settle for a product that will not meet your requirements in regard to water resistance, fire rating, or wind impact. Any problem with the roof will translate into an even bigger cost tomorrow. Each roof material has a different price tag but you need to remember that the final cost will be determined by several factors. The most important ones?

· Whether this is a roof installation from scratch or not.

· The size of the roof – A roofing contractor will measure that in square and not square feet. In the roofing industry, 100 sq. ft. is equivalent to one square.

· The number of breaks on the plane (dormers, chimneys, skylights, pipes etc.) – the more elements, the higher the cost.

· The installation fees.

Roof durability

The durability of the roof depends mainly on the material – although, the way it is installed will also play a role in its longevity too. It depends on how long you are planning to stay in this home or how long you want to keep the new roof. In most occasions, it’s worth investing in roofs that last for as long as possible because replacing it doesn’t come cheap and is a hassle.

Check all details before you choose a roof

To sum up, you need to consider your personal expectations and your home’s requirements and compare them with the properties of roof materials. Anything from the material’s weight in regard to the roof’s framing to its longevity, resistance, and aesthetics will be significant. One last thing: check the local building codes because there are restrictions.