How to Make Roofs Last Longer than Expected

Let me ask you this: who on earth wouldn’t want their roof to last for as long as possible? But then, there’s wear, storms, heat, moisture, flying objects – just name it. Metal roofs, asphalt shingles, slates, gable roofs, hip roofs, dormer roofs, they are all affected by the elements one way or another, sooner or later.

All the same, we still want our roofs to last for a long time – the longer, the better. The roof replacement costs are considerable and let’s face it, this project involves too much hassle. And the question here is whether or not we can actually do something to ensure the longevity of our roofs. How can we make roofs last longer than expected? Let’s see.

Have the roof inspected and maintained often

roofing_repairRoof maintenance goes a long way. You wouldn’t expect me to start with anything else but bringing up what everyone talks about: the importance of having the roof inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Would you? It’s actually the best thing you can do to catch problems early and prevent others from happening. Think about it. Your roof is at the first line of defense. It takes beating even the good days of the year – let alone when it’s windy or during storms.

It’s important to have a roofer inspect the shingles, the flashing, the gutters – everything. Even one broken or missing shingle is often enough to initiate problems, which – mind you, escalate until they become emergencies. Isn’t it better to prevent all that?

Fix roof problems immediately

If you feel there’s a problem, if you see there’s a problem, you need to set a roof repair appointment right away. The sooner shingle problems or gutter problems are fixed, the better. Issues may also include the build-up of moss on the roof. Moss might look beautiful but will shorten the roof’s lifespan. So, if the gutters get detached, the downspouts are loose, there’s moss, there are missing or damaged shingles, or you notice discolorations on the ceiling, find a roof contractor.

Take care of the outdoors, check the indoors

Roof leaksSpeaking of ceiling discolorations, I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping an eye indoors – outdoors, too. Roof leaks don’t happen due to a problem that happened overnight. So, make sure to keep an eye on the ceilings, funny odors – especially in the attic. And also, make sure the attic ventilation and insulation are good. Such things highly affect the lifecycle of roofs.

As for the outdoor, trim trees and branches that overhang since they may cause damage. How? Leaves decomposing on your roof will increase moisture, may cause erosion, will likely clog the gutters. A broken branch may cause significant damage to the roof. And while some flying objects and leaves will still land on the roof, having an overhanging tree will only multiply the problems, make damage more possible, expedite roof wear.

Keep the rain gutters clean

Let me say it loud and clear. Gutters must remain clean and in good shape. And since we already talked about the urgency of doing any gutter repairs necessary without delay, let’s focus on the other big subject. That of gutters cleaning. You cannot imagine what you may find in gutters. Everything landing on your roof may end up in there and then, the rainwater won’t flow and simply put, it will buildup and cause both damage and leaks.

Put your trust in a professional roof company

Last but not least, make sure every single roof service is done by a professional contractor. Don’t take chances yourself. It’s not safe for you to climb on the roof and you most likely don’t have the knowledge to recognize and fix the problem areas. Why risk it?