Roofing Materials that Withstand Harsh Climates

When it’s time to choose a new roof, you need a lot of thinking to do. Mother Nature is not joking. Hurricanes, hailstorms, excessive heat, blizzards, tornadoes, the list is long and the inappropriate roofing material will not only cost you considerably but might also put your home at stake.

There’s no denying that the way the roof is installed, the components used for its installation, the insulation, its shape and pitch, and the attic ventilation will all make a difference to the indoors. After all, when the components are of the best quality and the roofers are skilled, the home gets an additional layer of insulation while leaks are out of the picture. But the roofing material stands at the first line of defense against the elements. It must stand the fluctuations of temperatures, strong impact, and high winds so that the home will be protected in all occasions. And these are the best roofing materials that withstand harsh climates.

Roof_replacement_imageFiberglass Asphalt Shingles

While the cost of fiberglass asphalt shingles is low, their durability and resistance are both high. That’s if they are good quality architectural shingles. Just make sure they meet the ASTM D6432 standards to be sure you have a roof over your head for a long time. After all, they are so cheap that the cost won’t be a consideration. Due to their low price, such roofs are found in most American homes. And they do the job for at least two decades. They resist high-winds, especially if the roofer enhances their installation (with additional fasteners, more and longer nails, etc.)

Clay and Concrete Tiles

clay roofWhen properly installed, clay and concrete tiles will resist the wrath of nature. When the roofing contractor uses enhanced install methods and hurricane clips for the first row of tiles, the results are great. If the roofers don’t do a good job, the tiles might become projectiles and cause severe property damage or accidents. Both concrete and clay can withstand heavy rain and high winds, but still must be checked annually for possible damage.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Metal holds up great under impact while the limited number of the seams enables water to flow out and away from the home fast. It’s no wonder that some roofing companies offer long warranties for metal roofs. They provide some of the best protection to homes, even during category 4 hurricanes. Due to the material’s strength, hailstorms won’t affect the roof. It’s also fire-resistant. But it is also vital that the metal roof is installed perfectly. So, choose a roofing company with experience in metal roof installation.

Natural Slate Tiles

natural slate tilesThe performance of natural slate tiles in harsh climates is excellent as long as they are installed correctly. There’s no doubt that these types of tiles are expensive and often hard to find. It’s also hard to find roofers with experience in the installation of natural slate tiles. But this is a must for their good and long-lasting performance. So, watch whom you choose to install your roof. If installed correctly though, this roof will resist rain, wind, and all elements for a long time.

The good news is that today there are roofs for all weather conditions and all types of homes. Since homes found even in the same neighborhood may be exposed to the elements in a different way, make sure you consult with the local roofing contractors before you make a decision. Getting the right roof material and making sure it is installed correctly from the start are both crucial for your safety and peace of mind.