Roofs with Long Lifespans

There are quite a few factors that determine how long roofs last. Their longevity depends on the quality, the way the roof installation is done, the local weather conditions, whether it’s maintained or not, whether or not its problems are fixed – you get the idea.

Consequently, if you like to keep the roof for years, you need to get good quality. You need to find an expert roof contractor. You need to check the gutters, inspect the flashing and the shingles, and do any required roof repair.

And then, the roof longevity is also affected by whether or not there’s sufficient, proper attic ventilation and insulation.

And never underestimate the importance of climate. Locations which suffer greatly by storms and bad winters may require stronger materials. And here where we must focus on. The material. And the quality of the material.

Naturally, the stronger the material, the better. The pitch of the roof along with the material and the quality of the roof plays a role in its resistance – hence, longevity. Some materials last longer by nature. And although all the other factors will affect the roof’s lifespan, the more durable the material the better.

So, let’s see how long all common roof materials last.

Asphalt shingle roofs

Asphalt ShinglesAsphalt shingle roofs are the most common ones, mainly due to their affordable price. They last approximately 25 years – 10 to 30 years. And since their price is pretty good, most people invest in this roofing material, knowing that it will last for at least a couple of decades. Maybe, more with some routine roof service. They are a very good choice. But you need to remember that there are still good and better quality shingle roofs. Prefer the best possible, especially if you live in a storm-prone location.

Which are the best asphalt shingles roofs? The architectural shingles. They are thicker and thus, more resilient, denser. But they are more expensive than standard shingles too.

Wood shingle roofs

Wood Shingles and ShakesMost wood shingles are made of cedar – they are also called, shakes, and may last even 30 years. The downside? They need good and regular maintenance. After all, we are talking about a natural product and thus, some warped shingles won’t be a surprise. It’s important to keep the phone number of a roof company handy. These roofs can really last for three decades and will actually look really good, but only if they are maintained annually. The cost is rather high and if you add the annual inspection and service, it will go further up. But it will compensate with the years you’ll keep it.

Metal roofs

Metal RoofIt’s important to say that there are metal roofs and then, there are metal roofs. Not all metal roofs are the same. And so, their lifespan differs based on how thick they are, the metal they are made of. The stronger ones – made of standing-seam copper and stone-coated steel may last even 70 years. The thicker they are the better – that means that the steel gauge number is low. Thinner metal panels and aluminum roofs will last for about 25 years. These ones cost less than their thick, durable metal counterparts. But the stronger ones will last for so long that they are really worth considering.

Clay tile roofs

clay roof-tileClay tile roofs cost a lot but also last a long time. You can expect them to last for at least 50 years. Maybe more. Another advantage of clay tile roofs – besides their beauty, is that they hardly need any maintenance. So, you’ll pay once and then, forget about them – so to say, since all roofs perform better and thus, last longer when they are inspected and serviced once in a while. You just won’t need to do it often.

Slate roofs

natural slate tilesSlate tile roofs last longer than we do – usually, over 100 years. If you didn’t know it, slate is a stone, a metamorphic stone and so, very resilient. Although this roof is a very pricey choice, it’s also a good choice. They are very, very resistant to all elements – unless, a hurricane comes straight into your house. The only problem with these roofs – apart from the initial cost, is their heavy weight. You need to find competent roofers that will make sure the installation is done correctly without putting strain on the structure.