Shingles Repair and You

How do you know when you have broken shingles on your roof? Let’s face it; you don’t climb up on your roof every day. Today, we are going to talk about shingles repair and you. The truth is you may not have the right tools to climb up on your roof. You may not have the time or the physical ability to attempt such a maneuver. If you are unable to inspect your own roof, choose a quality local roofing company to provide the service for you.

Roofing_services_imageRegular Roof Inspection

Either you or a professional roofing technician should inspect your roof on a regular basis. Every 6 months is recommended. If you find an honest local company, the inspection fee might be quite low. Many companies will charge less because they know you will call them for all future roofing needs. It is all about building relationships with your local service provider. Sometimes you can tell you have broken shingles because they fly off into your yard. However, it is best to get up on that roof to see how bad the problem really is.

Broken Shingle Repair

Are you prepared to administer your own broken shingle repair? If you are not afraid of heights, and have the right tools, the process is not terribly hard. It is very important to repair broken shingles as quickly as possible. These issues are primary causes of costly leaks. The first step in the repair process is identifying the problem. The next step is matching the shingle type you have on your roof. Obviously, this is not a project for a rainy day. You don’t want it to be too hot or cold.

Broken shingles need to be removed very carefully. You don’t want them ripping apart. The tough part is removing the nails and breaking the seal-down strips. You will need a flat bar to pry the shingles free. It takes skill and patience to do this job properly. The nails need to be popped out carefully. You have to remove the undamaged shingles to get to the broken material. Unless you have a lot of on-the-job experience, this process can be challenging. If you are unsure, contact a friendly roofing contractor for assistance.

Once you have removed the damaged shingles, you can slip the new ones into place. It is essential that you nail the shingles back into place without causing damage to your roof. Although the only tools you need are a hammer and pry bar, experience is a plus. A reputable roofing service will have everything they need to complete this task for you. Falling off the roof will only add to your problems.

Take good care of your roof and it will take good care of you. Don’t underestimate the importance of good shingles repair service. The job must be done right. If you need shingles repair, have a good plan. Be totally prepared to tackle the project on your own or enlist a pro to do the job quickly and efficiently.