The Benefits of Steep Pitch Roofs

Homes are different and so are their roofs. But if you notice, most residential properties have a rather steep pitch roof and for a good reason too. Although the steepness of the roof varies, high pitch roofs have some benefits that shadow their shortcomings. There is a possibility that you might be wondering about the importance of roof pitch. In this case, let’s just say that if you are considering roof replacement, the slope will be one of the first things you’ll have to decide and one of the things which will affect your life later.


Steep pitch roofs have some disadvantages too

The pitch of the roof will affect the cost and your decision on roofing materials. And that’s the shortcoming of high pitched roofs. The higher the pitch, the more shingles are needed and the harder the labor. This is a job for very experienced roofers while the most common materials are usually limited to shingles and tiles. In spite of these disadvantages, the benefits of steep pitch roofs are so great that people choose them without a second thought. Here’s why.

Rainwater flows off easily

One of the worse enemies of roofs is pooling water. That’s not the case with high pitch roofs. The rainwater is quickly channeled to the gutters and then angled away through the downspouts away from the home. The steep slopes leave no room for water puddles and thus minimize the possibility of moisture and leaks.

Snow doesn’t build up

Snow doesn’t get the chance of building up high on steep pitch roofs. It will eventually slide off and thus diminish the possibility of ice dam formation which in turn will reduce the likelihood of increased moisture and leaks. It’s not a coincidence that high pitched roofs often feature in homes found in areas prone to heavy snowfalls.

No debris is accumulated

Debris is often accumulated on low pitched roofs and flat roofs and causes severe troubles. That’s because all these twigs, leaves, needles and dirt will eventually cause damage on the roof material and might end up in the gutter. This means, premature roof damage and an increased need for regular gutter cleaning. With high pitched roofs, debris flies away and doesn’t create such problems.

The roof lasts longer

It makes sense. Doesn’t it? If your roof is not affected by debris and the moisture levels are kept to the minimum, it will last much longer. The need for roof repair and the time for the roof replacement will be both distanced. That’s good news for your pocket, safety, and peace of mind.

The energy costs are reduced

Homes with steep pitch roofs have an ample space indoors. The larger the space, the better the ventilation. And there’s enough space to install a ventilation and insulation system and so minimize the possibility of moisture inside. The materials will remain dry as the airflow will be excellent and thus you won’t have to heat up the place more to keep it from getting moist. This will save you money. The energy bills will go down and the roofing materials won’t rot or warp due to moisture and thus they won’t need replacement soon.

Ample room indoors

Now, this space which is created indoors due to the high slope of the roof can be very valuable to you. It’s actually additional storage or livable space. That’s great news too.

Needless to say that high pitch roofs look fabulous. And so, you get the benefits you’d expect from a roof and have a jaw-dropping home too. All under the same roof!