Different Types of Shingles for Your Roof

Have you decided to get roof shingles? That’s excellent! Do you know what type of shingles do you want for your home? You see, there’s no such thing as a one kind of shingle roof. Actually, there’s a quite a list of roof shingles, basically distinguished by material and also cost, longevity, installation easiness. Should we break down their features, their pros and cons, the main things you want to know about the most common shingle roofs?

Roof_replacement_imageAsphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the dominant choice, when it comes to roof installation. With an expected lifespan of at least 20-25 years – often more, and a rather attractive price, they are the most cost-effective solution for those looking for a new roof.

These roof shingles are made of asphalt and are reinforced with wood or fiberglass. You can find two types of asphalt shingles.

•   The thinner version, called 3-tab, are thin, flat, and single-layered.

•   Or, you can get multi-layered, dimensional shingles, which are thicker and found in more colors and sizes. These ones last much longer than the 3-tab shingles, while costing nearly half the price.

Asphalt is a very durable material, which is also waterproof, resistant and fireproof. No wonder they are the top choice for most homes.

Architectural Shingles

If you like asphalt shingles, but want the cream of the crop, you should consider architectural shingles. They are the high-end of their category, with a lifespan reaching and, often, exceeding half a century. They have a sculpted appearance, and often resemble wood shake roofs. As you most likely guessed, they are a lot costlier than the average asphalt shingles but they are more beautiful and long-lasting too.

Wood Shingles

There are two main wood roofing choices, shakes and shingles. The difference? The shingles are cut and shaped perfectly into equal pieces. The shakes are hand split and so, their shape is not exactly the same, giving a more rustic feeling to the roof. While the price is higher than the average asphalt shingles, they are also susceptible to termites, moisture, chipping, rotting, cracking – due to their material. So, the location’s climate can easily determine whether or not you should invest in wood shingles.

Slate Tile Shingles

Slate tile shingles are incredibly impressive. After all, we are talking about a natural stone, cut in thin shingles. Since this is a natural stone, the color of all slate roofs is not exactly the same but similar. Slate roofs have the advantages you want from roofing materials – long lifespan (they may last over 150 years), great durability, resistant to all weather conditions, beauty. Yes, you won’t like the price. Slate roofs are expensive. Then again, it depends on how big your roof is and its pitch. Another disadvantage of slate is the material’s heavy weight, which may affect the integrity of the structure. That’s one thing you should discuss with your roofers before you decide on slate.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are a great option if you seek a lightweight material, which will also last for many years. Of course, there are some differences among metal shingles due to the different properties of the materials – tin, copper, aluminum, steel, zinc. But overall, they may last for about 100 years. Another good thing about them is the range of colors and their attractive price.

Clay and Concrete Shingles

Clearly, these are two different materials. You can get clay or concrete shingles for your new roof, and enjoy the benefit of the non-combustibility and energy efficiency of these materials. Concrete is cheaper than clay, while both may last for about 50 years. The main disadvantage of these materials is their heavy weight. Once again, you need to talk with your roofing company about this and have your home checked first. Chances are high, you may need to support the framing before you install concrete or clay shingles.