Tips For Roof Repair and Maintenance

Keeping your roof in top shape is the best way to avoid repair costs. Here you’ll find valuable tips for roof repair and maintenance to keep your roof in the best condition possible. The best part about maintenance for your roof is that it is relatively inexpensive. Performing maintenance may not even cost you a dime. That’s much better than paying roofers to come and provide a repair service!

gutters_installationVisual Inspections Pay Off!

Chances are that you clean your own gutters regularly to prevent clogging and damage. A good tip is that while you’re up there, you can do a visual inspection of your roof too! Visual inspections are the cornerstone of roof maintenance. You should be able to easily tell if your roof has any early warning signs that may cause further damage.

Check for damaged shingles, missing shingles, or shingles that appear to be curled up. These are clear signs that your roof needs a bit of maintenance to stay in the best condition. Think about it; it’s easy to replace a few bad shingles but not so easy to neglect it and let it cause roof damage that could lead to leaks. Leaks in your roof will only lead to further damage of the structural integrity of your roof frame and rooms below it. Your local roofing contractor will inspect your roof at a reasonably low cost.

Check for metal parts on your roof too, including gutters and exhaust piping. Look for rust, because it can degrade metal over time. If you do find rust, you can use a wire brush to brush the rust down and then use a paint and primer application to prevent further damage.

Check also for any sign of algae and fungus build up. This can lead to damage on your roof and inside your attic. You can install lead control strips, or zinc control strips to control the growth of fungus and algae. Contact your neighborhood roofing company to ask about this process.

You can also perform maintenance on your rooftop if you have a leaf blower or even using a broom. Take caution when standing on a ladder to reach your rooftop, especially when using a heavy leaf blower. Use the leaf blower to blow away debris such as fallen sticks, leaves, and various other things that usually fall from trees that have overhanging branches. A broom can be used for the same effect, but it is generally harder than using the leaf blower method.

Check Inside Your Attic!

You can also do a visual roofing inspection inside of your attic. This will determine whether or not your roof already has leaking problems. Check for dark spots or any build up of mold on the ceiling of your attic. Dark spots indicate that water is seeping through the shingles, and should be remedied immediately. That’s because roof leaks never ever get better over time. In fact, they get worse and worse over time until serious damage is caused. At this point, roof repair is your only option.

As far as repair goes, you should definitely call a qualified roof repair company in your town. They’ll have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to get any roof repair taken care of promptly and efficiently. We hope these tips for roof repair and maintenance is very helpful to you.